Should You Market Online? 2019 Checklist

If your goal is bringing in new business but you haven’t figured out how, this page is a good place to start. If you’re reading this you’ve probably either given online marketing a try and have been unsuccessful, or you haven’t any you’re wondering whether or not online marketing is right for you.

Remember this: Almost everyone uses the internet to get information about something, especially in 2019.

Whether someone takes the time to explore social channels or uses Google find answers they’re looking for, there’s a great chance your customers are online doing something.

Here are the 5 ways to tell whether or not if online marketing is right for your business.


1. Are you actually reaching all of your potential customers? 

– The first question to figure out is who are your potential customers, where are they, and how many of them actually are there. If you are confident you know those answers and are sure that all those individuals know that your business exists and consistently see your messaging and promotions, then online marketing might not be able to do a whole lot for you.

– On the other hand, you don’t think you’ve introduced yourself to every person out there that could be a potential customer, then online marketing might be your next golden step to prosperity.


2. Are you utilizing your previous customers and all of your leads?


– One highly overlooked strategy for most businesses is remarketing. What is remarketing? Remarketing, or sometimes called retargeting, is using your previous customers, leads, website visitors, etc. to drive in new sales. Using your website analytics, lists of customer’s info and a few powerful digital channels, you can remarket inexpensively and effectively.

– Remarketing is a lot more cost effective than finding brand new customers because they are people that a.) have already been introduced to your business and brand, and b.) are most likely qualified to be a candidate for your products and/or services. Boost your revenue by selling more to the people you already have access to.


3. Are your current and past customers advocating for your business?


– By delivering consistency, great experiences, and excellent service you give customers reasons to advocate for you. The customers that do advocate for you will become your strongest sales assets.

– Obviously referrals are super powerful, but you can also leverage online review outlets to let your customers share their experience. This also gives you the opportunity to enhance your products and services using real world feedback from your customers.

– There are many platforms in which your customers
will be inspired to spread the word for your company like Yelp, Google, Facebook and more!


4. Are you able to sell products or services locally and outside your area?


– This one should be a no-brainer. If your business is only able to provide products and/or services locally, there’s still a good chance you can benefit from online marketing. However, if you are able to sell your products and services in a larger area and you’re not marketing online, or not doing a good job of it then stop reading this now and hire an online marketing consultant to help you immediately. End of story.

– Whether you have a storefront or an online shop, you will most likely benefit from a well organized online marketing campaign. The majority of your consumers will look
online at some point in the buying process before purchasing products and services.


5. Are your competitors utilizing online marketing?


– Whether or not you think you know the answer to this, the answer is almost definitely yes, your competitors are marketing online. Stay ahead of the competition. Go after larger and more clients by elevating your business on many digital platforms.

In conclusion, will your business reap the benefits of online marketing? The answer is… most likely. However, that doesn’t mean you can just promote your business online by and means and be successful. While chances are there’s a successful online strategy for your business, you have to be able to figure out what that is and how to implement it.

So if you are still wondering if online marketing is right for you, wonder no more! At MyWebReps, we walk business owners hand-in-hand through our process of online strategy and implementation. If you’re curious about how to set up a successful online marketing campaign, call us today for a free consultation and strategy session. Whether or not you end up using our services, our goal for every consultation is to have the business owner leave learning something that will help their business.

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